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Yoga Inspiration

A native New Yorker, Padma is an experienced and passionate health, wellness and mindfulness consultant and expert speaker. Founding Mindful Healing on the devotion of enhancing the lives, health and wellbeing of her clients and friends, at the heart of Padma’s philosophy is the belief that everyone can “overcome the fear of change, learn to believe in yourself and thrive not just survive.” 

A certified yoga teacher, Padma – a Buddhist name meaning sacred lotus flower which she adopted during a life-changing spiritual quest to India –  trained at Vajra Yoga in the US, Canada’s Sivananda Yoga Centre, and the Integral Yoga Center in India. Specializing in yoga, meditation, aromatherapy, breath alignment, shiatsu massage and organic nutrition, Padma forms intimate, trusting relationships with her clients as she teaches them to incorporate these healing Eastern practices and mindfulness into their daily lives. 

Initiated in the art of Mantra Meditation by a Tibetan Lama, Padma teaches mantra as a way of achieving focus, awareness and mindfulness wherever you are.

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