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In February 1980, President Jimmy Carter declared the Week of March 8th as National Women’s History Week which is now Woman's History Month. My Yoga client of the month is an

advocate for woman and Yoga is his vehicle for self-care.

David Hanks has been a yoga student/client for many years. David is a dedicated and loyal to his self-care.on the mat. He travels from his New York City office to his Montreal office often. We connect via Zoom weekly since the pandemic of 2020 ... David tells me what he needs and I guide him into the postures that I intuitively know will serve him.

David works with the Steward Foundation in Montreal as a curator in decorative design ... In 2018,

he suggested to his peers that woman were not represented well in the arts. At the time, he was working on a project that is currently at the Cooper Hewitt Museum. An exhibition entitled "How Paris Got its Curves" as in the famous Paris Metro entrance design.. David edited the coffee table book "Art Nouveau to Modernism" by Hector Guimard. which is available at the Cooper Hewitt..

Design by Women exhibition is now open at the Montreal Museum of Art. Montreal is the city nominated by Unesco as the First City of Design. The exhibit shows how women were unrepresented in comparison to men. You will see a beautiful industrial wrench and a streamlined prototype corvette, handcrafted/woven art pieces ... all designed by women who often worked in the background of big companies or as solo artists on their own.

Hatha Restorative Yoga is on the Calendar For Self-Care

As an art curator and editor, David is always at his desk working, creating and collaborating. These images show how he sustains his 6' 2" posture in the age of what is sometimes called ''Sitting is the New No Smoking".

Supta-Padangusthasana - Reclined Big Toe Pose is David's favorite pose to stretch the low spine/back, hamstrings, calves inner thighs. We meet each other here on the mat.. This is a very safe pose for the lower back, that is best received after being warmed up. David will remind me to include this set. At other times we will do: a Yoga Posture Trick for prevention of tech-neck, shoulder and neck mobility. This posture trick requires a 6 - foot long yoga strap that creates a harness for support that opens the chest, lifts the diaphragm and supports the breath. The usual response I receive when teaching this set is a "Aha I can breathe, I feel tall, open and spacious ... how

can I feel this way all the time".


'Design by Women'

A story about women in design is a permanent exhibrt.

This project has come to completion in the form of a website and exhibit.

Please view here:

Designed by Woman - The Story of Woman in Design h

Parall(elles) A History of Women in Design - Behind the scenes

A new phrase I discovered in my research is: Trifecta of Philanthropy

Fortune Culture and a Generous Heart ... The late Philanthropist - Liliane Stewart can be remembered for her generosity in sharing her fortune and creating The Steward Foundation.

Thank you David for your contribution to woman in the arts. Thank your for your loyalty as a student of yoga. for your patience when technology does not work, for sometimes reminding me to set up your monthly appointments, and for becoming a better water drinker and traveling.


Padma Patricia Meade

YOGA . Shiatsu . Aromatherapy




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