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Autumn New Moon Breast

It's the season of Autumn, the season of dryness and letting go. The leaves are turning and falling to the ground. The air is dry and so is my skin. The mucous membranes and the lungs can be dry and allergies may surface. Last week I was just tired. I was walking and doing errands when I started to feel very thirsty and light headed. I picked up organic pink coconut water, put my chores to the side and went home to relax and hydrate. The dry season of Vata as in Ayurveda is now. It's harvest time, the time to prepare for winter. Time to a make ginger tea, broth and warming foods. Electrolytes and water water water please. Fruits, vegetables and herbal teas are also hydrating. Alcohol, coffee and caffeine drinks are not. Kale soup with garlic is one of favorites and fresh ginger tea as a preventative. Since I have a history of bronchitis these remedies are my go to remedies. The lungs do not like dampness.and they need hydration and warmth. Transition time is challenging for the system. Think prevention and try to remember that not every symptom is covid.

This is also "Breast Awareness Month" Pink is the color of 'feminine self-care' I have been putting off a mammography because it hurts and it's invasive. Women I know are being diagnosed with this disease. It can touch you from your twenty's to your seventy's. Let's get tested!

Covid is preventing some woman from getting tested, because they want to limit time in a clinic since Covid. We need to get checked and self-check no matter what. Our breast are right in front of us, unlike other organs.. Let's take care of what's in front of us. Enjoy this little poem I created for remembering. to TLC. tender loving care. Pin this up in your bathroom. Men this is for you too.

TLC ... Touch Look Compare"

Touch in the shower ...

Look in the mirror ..

.Compare the two ...

Get to know your breast ...

They may fall as the leaves fall ...

Let it be and self-check with TLC ...

New Moon - October 6th to Full MOON October 20th - Let the magic begin!

The Law of Abundance Checks

Write a check to yourself on the New Moon with in 24 hours. The new moon is No Moon and it's a time to create and start anew. Write a check or design your own check. I have been doing this ritual for a few years as a way to set the intention that ''All is Well"

Write a check to yourself: No squiggles or lines in the $$ amount. No date. Put it away and let it be.


The Bank of Autumn Harvest # 10.6.21

- Mindful Healing Padma

Pay to: Padma Patricia Meade

$ Paid in Full $Paid in Full

memo: thank you The Law of Abundance


Love and Namaste'


questions and feedback are welcome.

Mindful Healing Padma 212.731`4727

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