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Salt - Sugar Body Scrub

Your skin is the largest sensory organ.

The epidermis the outer layer of your skin is exposed to the change of climate, clothing, harsh soaps and more. A thin layer of natural oil (sebum) is produced by sweat glands, called the acid mantle which has a pH factor of 4 to 5.5 and protects the skin against bacteria and loss of moisture. This can harm the acid mantle creating dryness, redness, and irritation.

Exfoliating, massaging or skin brushing the skin removes toxins, that a cleanser does not. Body scrubs are excellent especially for dry, cracked callous feet.and overall winter dryness. The skin absorbs and it needs to breathe ... the skin receives nourishment and releases toxins ... when the body is not eliminating through the digestion, kidneys or liver, it may show up on the skin. Your skin is the largest organ. Mindful Healing body scrubs are proprietary blends of carefully chosen ingredients for healing.

Salt Body Scrub detoxifies, stimulates circulation of the blood and lymph system. Use all over the body except on the face, open skin or obvious inflammation. Massage on dry or damp skin in a circular motion and shower off. The minerals in the sea salt may be absorbed into the skin for healing and your skin will feel more moisturized, youthful and healthy.

Mindful Healing body scrub ingredients are blended with Unrefined carrier-vegetable oils, organic essential oils that are therapeutic.

Sea Salt fine crystals - Organic brown sugar.

Jojoba Oil (ho -ho -bah) Unrefined liquid oil/wax similar to our own sebum (natural oil) and mimics collagen. It is light, odorless and penetrating. Contains vitamin E, proteins and minerals.. Jojoba is a stable and long lasting oil, good for all skin types. A good emollient that protects and penetrates the skin. It may assist in relief of itchiness and micro.inflammation. Sweet Almond Oil s high in oleic acid which makes it stable and long lasting.

Essential Oils: Organic lavender, clary sage, peppermint, ylang ylang, blue chamomile, blue tansy.

Sugar Body Scrub has the same benefits as salt scrub without the detoxifying effects of trace minerals.

Skin-Care is Self-Care - For best results exfoliate twice a week.

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