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Success Stories


Clients express aspects of 'Mindful Healing' and how it has served them. Contact Padma to inquire about how 'Mindful Healing' can support you the most important client.


Padma has helped me in many ways. I go to her for shiatsu which helps me release physical and emotional tightness. Her Aromatherapy essential oil blend 'Rest Restore Dreamtime' is a standard for my insomnia.

Kathy Careddu 








Truly taking care of othersAfter a session with Padma, I return home in a euphoric state. Her sensitive hands and expertise work miracles on my aching body. Padma is a well-educated and caring professional in her areas of healing the body through yoga and shiatsu. She shares what she knows and explains each process with enthusiasm. Thank you for all that you have taught me through the years.

Margot Steinberg

Thank you for your generous and loving spirit.​​ Padma Patricia is a skilled, caring and experienced Shiatsu therapist.  I am a writer, just completing my first book. I specifically schedule my massage sessions before I am going to write. I always leave Padma's presence feeling peaceful, relaxed and in an open and creative state of mind. My best writing follows and, I enjoy writing even more, being in such a peaceful state. I have also learned breathing techniques, how to use essential oils which she prepares for me. I deeply appreciate Padma for all that she has given me.

Mark Monchek


​My Role Model. I took your yoga classes at NYSC several years ago and also came to you for shiatsu massage. I am a nurse practitioner and was working in HIVat Roosevelt Hospital. I am doing very well with my yoga and meditation practice and feel fortunate to have received my original yoga education from Padma You are an excellent teacher and you set me on the path of learning that yoga is about the mind body connection.​​ 

Nancy Murphy

This year I decided to make a couple adjustments to my lifestyle. I am slightly north of fitty years old and I sit in my office for many hours a day. As I mature my balance and flexibility are decreasing and I want to keep up with my son, so my doctor recommended yoga. I decided to try a weekly private session. Within two weeks I added an additional session and have noticed an improvement in my balance, flexibility and focus. My yoga sessions with Padma have taught me to be present and mindful. I have quit smoking and three years later yoga energizes me. 

                                               Murray Grenville


Dearest Padma I was one of your yoga students at Grand Central. Thank you for teaching me me my first handstand. I really apprecite it. I feel so happy and proud of myself. .

Mary Agnes Garcia


Being a man entering a Yoga class can be intimidating. I decided to try Yoga to see if would help me both physically and mentally. Padma Patricia is a very knowledgeable and experienced Yogi. She takes the time to explain the alignment. Most importantly, its done in a way thats comfortable for each individual. This is all done with a great attitude and smile thats infectious. Namaste' 

Lee Herman


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