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Mindful Healing Yoga

Ancient yoga techniques are used to promote better

posture, confidence and deeper sleep.

 * Provides a safe space for potential healing on and off the mat.

 * Slow flow 'hatha yoga' for strength and stress release.


* Restorative yoga for recovering from an illness or feeling tired.

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Shiatsu is yoga stretching on a futon or massage table.  Your first session will give you an ​awareness of body/mind connection. Deep rest, sleep and release of stress are some of the initial benefits. Your neck will have more range of motion and a feeling of spaciousness.

Sessions are 75 to 90 minutes. 

 - Padma will wear a mask during session.  

 - Air will be circulating. 

 - Studio is sanitized.

Aromatherapy compliments session.

Ear Candling.

Non-Invasive treatment to remove excess wax.

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Mindful Healing Touch


Hand Sanitizer

Gift Set of 3 - $30. includes shipping

Custom blend, roll on bottle for sanitizing, refreshing and releasing toxins.

Roll onto your palm and fingertips then massage your hands gently. 

Proprietary blend 96% grain alcohol, moisturizer and essential oils.

vetiver, blue chamomile, and other organic essential oils.

TSA Friendly.

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Hand Sanitizer


Body Scrub

Salt * Sugar Body Scrub

 * Gift Set - 

Coming Soon

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Surrender Inflammation

Best Seller - $50 includes shipping

Anti-Inflammatory custom oil blend 2 oz. bottle for healing, releasing and supporting the release of inflammation. Apply to knees, feet, arms, hand and all over body intuitively.

Proprietary blend of essential oils in Jojoba oil base.

TSA Friendly.

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Surrender Inflammation


Insomnia Restored Tonight

Best Seller - $50 includes shipping

A Sattvic-Pure Essential Oil Blend  Inhale this scent by palming and inhaling gently through the nostrils. The second step is to massage the feet, lower legs and lower back. This proprietary 2 oz. blend of frankincense, palo santo, vetiver and other organic essential oils will support a deep, relaxing meditative sleep. Use intuitively.

TSA Friendly. 

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Insomnia Restored Tonight


Your custom label could look like this.


Aromatherapy Mist 

 Alexandria and Michael

 9 . 16 . 22


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Custom Aromatherapy